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The Gloucestershire Root Fruit and Grain Society which is very much alive today, had an exciting start.  Back in 1863 two farmers came to blows in Gloucester Market, each claiming to grow better crops than the other. A peacemaker suggested that specimens be brought to Gloucester where independent judges would pronounce. The event attracted crowds of interested farmers and from it the society was born. In the early years annual shows were held at the Corn Exchange, but during the Second World War farmers could not take their produce to Gloucester so the judges went to the farms, receiving special allocations of petrol in the interests of food producing.  This year we are celebrating our 160th anniversary.

Judging on the farms enables a far wider range for competitions. Livestock is included. Interest in the society grew and competitions increases, though these have changed with the times as fruit has disappeared from schedules. Each year entries come over from all over the county, and the classes are categorised into championship areas, i.e. livestock arable, forage and farm. Then the points are added up to create an overall winner for the premier award.  This is the most sought after award, and the battle commences.

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Hartpury University

The society remains completely independent but will work closely with the college.  I would like to thank Andy Collop, the Vice-Chancellor of Hartpury College for his strong support; this sponsorship will provide the society with opportunities to engage with students and young entrants into farming, whilst securing the society‚Äôs future and providing support.

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